FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a term used to define such social anxiety where one is relentlessly bothered about losing a good opportunity, a novel experience or fun social interaction.

Dates struck off one after the other, make a mess in her personal diary’s first page. Making resolutions each New Year and watching them break. She was convinced to give up on herself but was not totally ready yet. She lost self-confidence, and borrowed them from dates; her own birthday, her parent’s birthday, and some numerology that made no actual sense.

She stalked Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles, letting all those happy hash tags, insightful statuses and success pictures inspire her at first and then gnaw her self-belief, little by little to whole. It wasn’t about persons. But about people and happiness, diligence and achievements where all she had to offer life, was a hollow bag that reeked of languor (So she thought).

Little did she realize that her own timeline was a corrosive acid to metal strong beliefs of quite a few, those who stalked her profile as she stalked theirs, who craved for what she had while she thought they had better and more. She forgot they had an untold story like she had hers. She forgot that there is always another side.

“Maybe I can do better as a friend. Maybe I should eliminate cuss words from my vocabulary. I ought to read more books. My vehemently brief attention span needs to be sincerely worked upon. ”

Maybe she should stop harping on. Maybe she should just focus, on being herself, perfectly.




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